Dal first realized his passion for woodworking in a shop class in the 7th grade. He loved the feeling of working with a “living medium” and the satisfaction of the end result. 
Dal enjoys coaching high school wrestling, scuba diving, and riding Harley Davidson motorcycles. He is married and lives in Chelsea, Michigan.
* a trusted advisor with an eye for building design solutions

* a good listener who tailors his projects to his clients' wants and needs

* sensitive to modern techniques and cost effective methods to meet those goals

* responsive to the needs for energy savings and compliance with all building and environmental codes. 

* a leader in combining traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design

* an innovator in the use of functionally superior and environmentally friendly products

* a provider of a safe working environment

* a person who can deliver quality service in a timely manner
What you can expect from Dal:
He attended the University of Michigan and graduated with a degree in accounting, then launched Queenan Construction & Woodworking, Inc in 1976. He has continued to provide quality work and service in southern Michigan and Florida for 33 years. 
Dal Queenan